Apartment 2

DSC 0307 800x532The apartment is on the second floor. It is designed for 4-6 people. There are two bedrooms, living room, two bathrooms, kitchen and balcony.









DSC_0317 532x800.jpgDSC_0315 532x800.jpgDSC_0305 800x532.jpgDSC_0319 800x532.jpgDSC_0309 800x532.jpgDSC_0321 800x532.jpgDSC_0310 800x532.jpgDSC_0311 800x532.jpgDSC_0320 800x532.jpgDSC_0307 800x532.jpgDSC_0323 532x800.jpgDSC_0306 800x532.jpg


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